thank’s for stopping by! my name's jessica, and i'd like to consider myself a visual storyteller, but that's a little formal.  all you really need to know is that I love to create.  when I'm photographing, writing, or designing, time bears less weight. 

while i am a full-time student, i am constantly striving to create new and engaging content for a variety of platforms.  whether i'm managing my own social media, working with clubs and organizations on campus, or running my business' instagram, i am always adapting to current branding trends.  I do what I can to embed a personal touch in my work and remain true to what matters to me.  i believe in honesty, vulnerability, and the power of a single story.  i'm a big fan of denim, dogs, and espresso.  i also like lowercase letters --  i try not to take myself too seriously.

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